Are you that type of a person who’s ever so curious, ever so active?

Well then the “City of Joy” Kolkata might be the ideal place to visit for that. Here’s where you’re going to see the so called ‘Old World’, wonderfully married to its successor.

Kolkata can fill your five senses to brim, but if you don’t know fully how to organize your trip.

Then you might just end up not getting much out of your time in this wonderful city. That’s why I’ve put together this article.

Here, I’ll be telling you about 17 different things that you can do in Kolkata.

So that, you can not only have a whole lot of fun, but will have many interesting stories to share back home.

Kolkata Through the Ages..

The city of Kolkata is the most important city in Eastern India. And has also served as the capital city back in the British Raj era.

But the roots go way deeper than that.

From a humble group of villages, into a small town and then into a metropolitan bigshot as we know of today. Kolkata has witnessed it all, and it is expanding still.

People living here have held on to all the good things that they’ve admired. Then made it their own, presenting it to the world in an all new light.

Popular for some of the best street food in the country, and the grandiose festival of Durga Puja.

Kolkata has in it, something for everybody. All you gotta do is look around, and I’m going to help you avoid a lot of confusion here.

Because let’s face it, there are a lot of things to do in this magnificent city.

Things to do in Kolkata the City of Joy – The List of Top 17

As a tourist looking to for fun things to do in Kolkata, there’s an entire smorgasboard of options.

But it’ll be best if you can just separate the wheat from the chaff, to get the ultimate experience.

Have a look into this list that I’ve put together here, and you’ll have all of that straight on a platter.

(1) Witness a Beautiful Sunset by Ganga

Sunsets are among the most awe-inspiring sights to behold, period.

You can witness that in almost every background that you can imagine. But have you ever wondered how it would look like over the river Ganga?

I’ve seen that and it’s absolutely mesmerizing.

What’s more is that you’ll also get to see some of the skyline of Kolkata as well.

And did I forget to mention how good the bridges on this river look? More on that later.

So, save some time around dusk to visit Princep Ghat and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

(2) Play Some Golf

If you like the sport of golf, both watching and playing. Then you can have your swing of the bat in Kolkata as well.

You can visit the Royal Calcutta Golf Club located in the Golf Green area in South Kolkata.

This is among the finest golf courses in the country, and albeit the oldest one. People have been enjoying the game of golf here since 1829.

You can choose to play this game, or even walk around in this place. It’s so peaceful and serene over there.

And there are other golf courses in Kolkata as well, like the one in Eco Park, This one’s as good if not better.

(3) Ride Oldschool on a Tram

Among the very few cities in the world where people still ride trams in Kolkata.

But let me warn you from before hand that these are not the fastest among the public transport mediums.

So, if you want to take things slowly, to soak in all the views of Kolkata along the way. Board one of these vehicles, grab a seat by the window and look outside.

You can find these in many different locations around the city. Tollygunge, College Street and Rashbehari Avenue are where you’re very likely to come across these rides.

And the fares are quite cheap as well.

(4) Party at Park Street

Park Street is one of the most happening places in this city. And it’s got a lot to offer to visitors and regulars alike.

From some of the finest eating places in town, to fun and lively pubs. You get it all.

You can enjoy a great meal of Chelo Kebab at the famous Peter Cat. This dish is something that no one else can prepare this well and as such a must have.

Also, if you like parties you can visit pubs like Some Place Else and Tantra.

But what I’d personally recommend is you try and visit this place on the Holiday week. It’s a different world at that time.

(5) Watch a Cricket Match at Eden Gardens

Kolkata is home to one of the finest cricketing grounds on the planet, Eden Gardens.

Located on the western part of the city, this stadium has hosted many cricket matches. Some of them have gone down in history to be among the most entertaining.

Then there is the Indian Premier League, which goes on for about 2 months straight around the middle of the year.

If you happen to visit Kolkata during this time.

You’ll have a blast watching T20 cricket in this stadium. And also, there are other formats of cricket matches that you might get to see as well.

(6) Pray at the Holy Temple at KaliGhat

One of the most compelling things about this city is the spirituality. There are so many holy institutions here, where people of all religions visit to pray.

And the temple of Maa Kali at KaliGhat is one of the most popular among them.

Located in the Southern part of the city, thousands of pilgrims visit this place everyday. And there are a lot of holy ceremonies going on throughout the year.

You can come here and witness a part of history. And also with that, all the stories that this place has to tell.

(7) Check Out Fossil Models at The Indian Museum

Aren’t fossils from eons ago some of the most intriguing things?

Well, that’s what people living in Kolkata think and visit the Indian Museum to satisfy their intrigue.

You can definitely come to Indian Museum and check out such fossils, and models of them.

And by the way, did I forget to mention that this museum is the oldest one in India?

Not only will you be able to glean entertainment out of this visit. But you’ll get to learn and experience a lot of interesting things about life in prehistoric times. And yes mammoths and dinosaurs.

(8) Dabble in Astronomy at Birla Planetarium

If you like looking up at the night sky and watching all the stars and constellations. And you’re curious about the subject of astronomy in general.

Then Birla Planetarium is the place to visit for that.

At first glance, this building looks quite regal with old Indian architecture. And the all-white exterior just adds to the beauty.

Then, once you’re inside, you can sit in for the shows that they conduct. That’s going to be an experience you don’t want to miss at any cost.

And in case if you have kids along with you, they’re going to enjoy it the most.

(9) Have a Mini World Tour at Eco Park

When you first come, and wonder what should I do today in Kolkata?

My suggestion would be to definitely start with Eco Park. As this is arguably the most fun zone in Kolkata.

Kolkata also takes the first place in the category of having the largest urban tourist park.

Sprawling over 480 acres, Eco Park in the New Town area in Kolkata has it all. There is the usual amusement park where you can have a lot of fun.

But if you ask me, the main attraction of this place is boating. You can boat around in the water bodies there and that’s a favorite of most tourists.

(10) Watch a Soccer Match at Yuva Bharati Krirangan

People in Kolkata are absolute soccer fanatics, or what they call football.

And here in this city, we have one of the largest sports stadiums in the entire world. The Saltlake Yuva Bharati Krirangan.

Here is where you can come and watch live soccer action. But more than that, what might catch your attention is the passion and the energy of the people watching.

And if you can come during the Indian Super League, which happens around October and November.

That does take the entertainment value up a notch.

(11) Spook Yourself Out at the South Park Street Cemetery

In the list of adventure activities in Kolkata, this scores quite high.

A lot of people in this city flock to this place for a sense of adventure. Because let’s face it, graveyards can be really scary, and this is a big one.

The South Park Street cemetery has been around for more than a hundred years now.

This is not in use, and serves as one of the most popular tourist locations.

A very quiet and serene place, you can walk around and go back in time that way.

(12) Experience Science at Science City

For all the science lovers, Kolkata has Science City.

Science City is also the largest among all the display centres of science, open for the public. This place has had many accolades along the way.

Again, if you happen to have kids along with you, this place is a must visit. You’ll not only be able to have a lot of fun, but learn things along the way.

So, do visit Science City while you’re in Kolkata.

(13) Shop Around at New Market

You have come to Kolkata, but your journey won’t be complete without getting souvenirs for your friends.

And what better place to shop in than New Market?

This place has any kind of store you might be looking for. As such, there are just so many things to buy.

Visiting New Market is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Kolkata with friends.

But while buying, don’t forget to bargain on the price.

(14) Check Out Historical Artifacts at the State Archaeological Gallery

For all you history buffs out there, this is the ideal place to visit.

The State Archaeological Gallery has been open for public visit since 1962. This gallery has on display brilliant historical artifacts from this part of the world.

Among some of the more unusual things to o in Kolkata, if you come to visit this place. Do keep some time at hand as there are just so many things to see.

Get into the State Archaeological Gallery, and this is going to hook your attention like nothing else.

Overall, a great place to visit.

(15) Enjoy Food Through and Through

You’ve come to Kolkata and you don’t get to experience all the culinary delights that this place has to offer.

That would make your journey incomplete.

But that’s not going to happen, as there are a lot of things to eat in Kolkata. And they’re always around the corner no matter where you are.

From street food to fine dining, you can have it all. There are a lot of restaurant finding apps which will tell you exactly where to go to eat what.

But if you ask for my opinion, I will definitely suggest you start with Bengali cuisine first.

(16) Click Selfies at the Mother’s Wax Museum

Wonder what it’d be like to take photos with some of the greatest men and women in history?

Well, you can do just that at the Mother’s Wax Museum in New Town, Kolkata.

Here you can come across real life wax figures of great personalities from history. Especially the ones from India.

And you can go around taking photos of them, and also with them.

All of these cool things about the Mother’s Wax Museum make it a must on the tourist bucket list.

(17) Drive Around in the Mostly Empty Roads of New Town

This might just be among the most offbeat things to do in Kolkata. But at the same time, can be one of the most satisfying experiences.

You can hire a car to drive for that and go on the drive with your friends.

Then just soak in all the view of the amazing cityscape that there is. As this part fo Kolkata looks and feels different from the other parts of the city.

So, if you are looking for unusual things to do in Kolkata, this is definitely one of them.

Wrapping Up..

Kolkata is an amazing city and has a lot of things to offer to the whoever may come to visit.

Here, I’ve listed 17 of the best things you can do here for a worthwhile experience. But the truth is that there are a lot of other things to do here.

This city is growing as you’re reading this article.

Many new places to visit, many new places to eat at are coming up every day.

So, if you’re planning of coming to Kolkata, then be prepared for a lot of great surprises.

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