Places to Visit in India During Durga Puja

Durga Puja is one of the most auspicious events in the life of the people of Kolkata. They spend months and millions behind its preparation and the celebration is grand which brings in people all over the world.

During these five days long celebration, the city, and the people forget its blues and colors up in the festive mood with lights everywhere, temporary gloriously designed tents sheltering the Hindu idol, Durga, who is worshiped during this festival.

The festival usually takes place between October to November every year. The festival marks its start with Mahalaya, which is precisely seven days before the actual celebration of the event.

The main days of the festival are known as Shashthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, and Maha Nabami and end with Dashami which is the day when Goddess Durga killed the ‘Mahishasura’, the evil. On Dashami, the goddess is immersed which marks the end of the festival.

During these four to five days long festival, every institute, Government offices, and numerous private sectors remain closed. And while some people are busy preparing for the celebration, some are looking for an escape from the hustle-bustle of the city. And if you belong to the latter category, then you are in the right place.

Here we are going to guide to some of the places to visit in India during Durga puja. This list is specially made for the people who are looking for some serenity for a momentary escape from their tiring monotonous life.

1. Agra, for the love of Taj Mahal

Even though the primary attraction of Agra is Taj Mahal, but the Mughals have left there much more than it. Roam around the city and you will we awestruck with the ancient architectural marvels. But why October? Well, you definitely don’t want to get drenched in sweat while roaming the city to witness its beauty? And what can be better than witnessing the epitome of beauty, Taj Mahal, covered in a little mist? Trust me, the sight is undeniably the best you can ever experience. But above all, don’t miss out to do some shopping from around the city.

2. Spend some time among the wild beasts of Corbett

There is no other better time to visit Corbett other than October when the place is flourishing with flora. Even though this wildlife reserve is not as famous as the others, but it is the best wildlife reserve where you will come across some of the most exotic species, and since you will be visiting the place right after the rainy season, you will find little water streams everywhere where the animals will come along with their little one to quench their thirst.

3. Experience serenity at Ladakh

If you are looking for serenity and some pure beauty of the mountains, then Ladakh is the right place for you. The weather is pleasant during October as after that, Ladakh starts getting frozen. During October, the weather is clear and you can catch a haze-free view of the glorious snowcapped mountains of Ladakh. Right after October, most of the routes of Ladakh gets closed so, if you are looking for some trekking or other mountain adventures, then book your ticket for Ladakh this October.

4. How about some camel ride at Jaisalmer?

Often referred to as the land of the Desert, during October, the sand dunes of Jaisalmer are at its most pleasant condition. You can hop onto a camel and go for a camel ride and explore the beautiful desert. During October, one can even enjoy a luxury and exotic tent stay in the desert. And this is the month when all the cultural events of the city take place. During your exotic stay, enjoy a moonlight dinner right in the middle of the desert. It is indeed one of the most romantic getaways among the best place to visit in the month of October.

5. Explore your spirituality at Varanasi

Even if you are planning to escape the religious festival of Kolkata due to the excessive rabble of the city, you can always stay close to your spirituality by visiting Varanasi. Comparatively, it will be much less crowded than Kolkata. Varanasi is one of the most sacred places of India known for its iconic Aarti which takes place every evening on the banks of the river. From Varanasi, you can opt for a boat ride to Sarnath. And the pleasant weather of October makes it an ideal time for exploring every corner of the city.

6. Experience the best of Srinagar

Placed in the valley of Kashmir, just like every other part of the glorious Kashmir, Srinagar starts getting covered in snow from October. But during October, the rivers are not yet frozen which makes it an ideal time for enjoying some houseboat rides. The pleasant weather during October will help you to explore the city at its finest. It is one of the most recommended romantic getaways for the month of October. And, it is the best time to enjoy some fresh dry fruits of Srinagar

7. Get lost in the pristine beauty of Ziro

Ziro hosts one of the biggest music festivals in India during September. But right after that, the place starts getting back to its originality. From October, the spot gets less crowded and the weather starts getting utterly pleasant which makes it a paradise on earth for its visitors. During October, the harvesting season starts and gets filled with a variety of birds. Ziro during October is the perfect place for photographers, nature admirer, and the explorers.

8. A comfortable getaway to Shimla

What can better more than a long walking trip through the tall pine trees? Srinagar is what someone would refer to as a land of fairy tales. Even though the city has a pleasant climate round the year, but the best of the best can be experienced during the winter. During October, you can enjoy a four hours long toy train journey that would pass between the valleys filled with pine tree jungles everywhere you look.

9. Explore the unexplored valleys of Himalaya at Bir Billing

Himalaya is a land with thousands of mysteries waiting to be explored by us. And one of the beauties of the Himalayas which is not yet well known is the Bir Billing which now offers trekking, paragliding, hand gliding, nature walk, camping and more to its visitors. The places have some incredible gifts to offer to its October visitors such as the Tibetan colony, Bir Tea Factory, and the Sherabling monastery. And right before the winter sets in from November, all the adventure activities are kept open for the adventurous souls.

10. How about boating at the calm lakes of Nainital?

Nainital is often referred to as the district of lakes. And right after the rainy season, the lakes become crystal clear which gives its visitors a chance to catch an unaltered view of its pristine lakes. October makes one of the best seasons for the honeymoon couples as during this time they could enjoy some romantic boat ride on the lakes of Nainital and capture some glorious photographs that they could enjoy for a lifetime.

11. Or a visit at the Scotland of the East, Shillong

Shillong is filled with waterfalls. And no other time is better to witness the thunderous waterfalls right after the monsoon. Moreover, apart from the waterfalls, the climate of the place gets utterly pleasant and you can take part in numerous activities. Shillong offers Kayaking, water scooting, boating as well as trekking to the top of the mountains from where one can catch a panoramic view of the city Make sure that you carry your camera along with you to capture the view from the top of the peaks.

12. Ready for some river rafting at Rishikesh?

From relaxed boating to adventure sports, name it and Rishikesh have it all. During October, the water bodies of the place are throbbing for which, all the adventurous river activities take place during this month.

13. Mumbai, enough said!

What do you need to know about Mumbai? Isn’t the name being enough? Well, if you don’t want to miss Durga Puja even after running away from your hometown, then you can always look up to Mumbai where Durga puja is celebrated grandly but is much less crowded.  Apart from this, you can enjoy strolling on one of the numerous beaches of the city or can even enjoy some local snacks at the Juhu beach. There are plenty of getaways from Mumbai located within 100 km from the city. And during October, you can also enjoy a long ride a catch a grand scenic view.

14. Exotic beach party at Goa?

Okay, I can bet you know this was coming right? Well, how can I miss Goa right after mentioning Mumbai and beaches? With over thirty beaches all located within a land area of just 3,702 km². Enjoy your stay at one of the exotic beach stays or you can even get indulged in some water sports. And if the party animal inside you is starving, then there is no other place better than Goa for you. And the mild climate of October makes it an ideal time for roaming around the city.

15. Visit the Venice of the east, Alleppey

Located right in God’s own country, Kerala, Alleppey is one of the most important tourist destinations that you should visit in Kerala. And right after the monsoon season, the backwaters of the land will be rich with water which will provide its visitors with an iconic view of Alleppey. Moreover, since after the rainy season the medicinal plants of the state start flourishing, it is the best time for you to enjoy some Ayurvedic massage. And the pleasant climate of the place also makes it an ideal time to visit.

16. Witness a grand Dussehra at Mysore

Even though Durga Puja is famous in Kolkata, the Dussehra celebrating of Mysore gives it a tough competition. During October, plenty of festivals are celebrated in the city. And since it is in the middle of multiple tourist destinations, you can go to multiple getaways from the city and return to the city by night. Right after the rains season of September, the gardens of Mysore flourishes with flora. And during October, you will also find the best silk.

17. Explore the ruins of Hampi

Among the most historic places of India, Hampi holds an important position. It homes to the ruins of ancient statues, temples and much more. if you are an explorer, you can explore the whole city within a day. And the pleasant weather in October will make it easier for you. Since the rain washes away dust settled on the statues and the monuments, it becomes a photogenic frame.

18. Go for a scuba diving at the Andaman Islands

Right after the rainy season, the lagoons of Andaman get filled with water so, you can get indulged in some deep-sea activities. Andaman is famous for its exotic beaches and Hollywood inspired vocational styles. Moreover, October kicks off the tourism season of Andaman so visit it before it gets filled with crowd. Some of the best activities one can get involved in Andaman during October are lagoon swimming, scuba diving, boating, beach picnic, and snorkeling.  

19. Or snorkeling at Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is better known as the land of the reefs. Some of the most common activities that take place during the month of October at Lakshadweep are snorkeling, coral reef swimming, diving and much more. And moreover, during this month, fishing is heavily practiced so you can enjoy some of the best continental delicacies during October at Lakshadweep.

20. Explore the gigantic waterfalls at Pachmarhi

There is no other better time to witness a waterfall right after a rainy season. Panchmarhi is one of the most important hill stations in India as is better known as the queen of Satpura. After the rainy season of September, the waterfalls get filled with water and forests become greener. It is one of the best places for you to visit in October.

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