Travel Tips for Working Moms

Travelling does not need or ask you to be of a specific age. You can begin at any age, and it is such an addiction that once you get the taste of it, you will want to keep doing it again and again.

It is really exciting that you are going to a new place that is not just out of your region but perhaps even out of your comfort zone.

For so long, you have been enjoying the travel stories of others, and now you will have your own stories to tell.

But if you are a working mom, then you will be certainly known the difficulty you need to face while planning to travel.

Be it with your children or traveling solo, the problems are real.

Traveling for the first time is bound to feel daunting. Your comfort zones are known to you, and it is now time to get out of those and challenge yourself.

You might feel that you are not the adventurous type, but you never know until you give it a try. For instance, take up challenges like river rafting or zip lining.

 It will seem very scary at first, but after you complete it, you will feel like it was the best experience of your life.

It is really important to set some goals when you are traveling for the first time. Make a list of things that you want to accomplish on your first trip and keep ticking off from that list.

But, there are some basic traveling tips which remain the same for all travelers. 

So, before digging deep to the travel tips for working moms, let us first have a look at the basic traveling tips.

Doing the homework about the place

Take a deep breath and relax as with proper planning, you will be okay no matter where you go. It is significant to do your homework about not just the place but about the way to reach and go around the place.

The internet is a great place for researchers like this. You can also get some guidebooks to help you on the job. Take the help of friends or acquaintances that have visited the place before.

They will be able to give you great tips on what to do and what not to do.

Do not ever rush into this matter as you would not want to land up in a new place without any knowledge whatsoever. 

Now, coming back to the context, traveling for working moms is a daunting event which needs to be planned carefully.

Though it might be difficult, which of course it is, but if planned properly, it can be made easier.

Now, the traveling comes in two ways, one is traveling with your children, and the other one is traveling without them.

When traveling without children, you, your partner and children are put to the test from the moment you step outside your home with your luggage.

Leaving behind children back home and travel is daunting for the moms. It gets tougher, especially if you will away for a long time.

Regardless if you are a regular traveler or travel once in a while, you will need the same preparation every time.

While leaving behind a little one back home, you will be constantly worried whether he/she is doing alright.

So, you will need regular updates about them. Though it will help you to worry less, in the meantime, it will also help your children to miss you less.

So, to make it easier for you, here we have listed travel tips for moms that will make it easier for you to travel as a working mom.

1.  Pack wisely

The first and foremost point to traveling smart is packing smart. Whenever you are traveling, make sure that made a list of the things to pack.

First of all, being a mom is the toughest job in the world, and packing is tough too. And, doing both of them together is a nightmare.

So, make a list of what you will pack in your travel bag and what you will pack in your carry-on luggage.

In your carry on luggage, make sure that you are not packing anything heavy or unnecessary items. Only pack the items which you will need during the flight hours or while staying inside the airport.

Try taking a rolling duffle instead of a rolling suitcase as they are flexible and can be easily fitted inside the overhead bins.

And in order to avoid packing, make sure you pack only the basic items in your carry-on luggage.

There is a thumb rule for packing if you are traveling for a business purpose. As per the experts, if you are traveling for a couple of weeks, you need to pack around nine to ten pieces of clothing. 

You will need to pack, keeping in mind the dress code of your office. And pack no more than two pairs of shoes as you will be already wearing one pair.

And while traveling, wear a suit as it will help you to avoid the shirt getting crumbled.

2. Share your trip itinerary with your family

Prior to leaving for your trip, always make sure that you have shared your itinerary with your family and it is one of the essential travel tips for busy moms which you should never forget.

This will help your family to be aware of your plans and where you will be at what time throughout the trip.

Moreover, it will also help your babysitter/ caretaker to know when or not to call you.

Also, don’t forget to share the number of your hotel where you will stay during the trip and if possible, share the number of your co-worker in case they can’t reach you at your mobile number.

3. Try flying early morning or late night

While departing, try to take an early morning flight. If you travel early, you can save the day at well as avoid the rush hours in the airport.  The peak hours for flights are 7 am to 9 pm so; try to book a flight before this.

And while coming back, take a midnight flight as nothing can be better for their children to see their mom right after waking up for their sleep. 

4. Stay connected to your family virtually throughout your trip

Don’t let your kids and partner miss you. You can avoid it by staying connected with them through calls and video calls.

And in this advanced age of technology, why miss out the chance of staying connected virtually?

5. Let your kids know about your trip in advance

Don’t wait for the last moment to let your kids know about your trip.

Most do that to avoid the emotional scenario, but for real, this becomes hard for the little ones.

So, let them know about the trip in advance as if they are too young, they will be shocked, confused, and sad. 

Well, the above was travel tips for working mothers who are traveling alone. Well, what if you are bringing your little one along with you?

Don’t worry! We got that covered for you.

6. Make a separate diaper kit and keep it on the top of your carry-on luggage

While traveling, make sure that you pack the diapers, wipes, antibacterial powder and disposable baggies in a separate kit and put it inside the carry-on luggage.  

And also keep a liner in the diaper kit bag as all flights don’t have changing tables.

7. Pack some comfort food for your little one and for yourself

Apart from breastfeeding your little one, you should also provide them with comfort foods which they can nibble throughout the flight.

Give them a sippy cup during the takeoff and landing times as it will help them to avoid keep their ears clear and pain-free.

And apart for the child, try bringing some food for yourself too. And while packing food for yourself, make sure that you are packing high protein food items.

8. Bring the comfort items of your child

Well, the last thing that you would like during your flight is your child starting to cry.

Since they are not habituated with flying, they might get confused and scared.

So, to pacify them during those hours, bring their favorite comfort items which they can hold on to during the flight hours.

But make sure you don’t bring anything else other those soft and quite toys because you certainly don’t want to annoy your co-passengers too. 

9. Don’t forget about the stroller

Okay, now what about while staying at the airport waiting for the flight?

Well, keep the stroller with yourself till you board the plane as it will help you to navigate inside the airport freely.

The most important tip that you need is staying stress-free. So, follow the above points precisely and avoid stress during your trip.

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